About Us

 I started making natural products with my family. I Researched and Learned how to make soaps, creams and more. I started studying on what Herbs and Oils are best for the body and all the benefits.
At first it was all about soaps and creams. Then it became something more ✨
I then started my Spiritual Journey of Healing my Mind, Body and Soul. Building a relationship with myself and finding my truth. I learned how Herbs and Oils does not only have benefits for the body, but it also has benefits for the Mind, and Soul. 
I also came across crystals, and more to help me through my Journey. My Journey has been hard. Finding your inner power and self-love can be painful. You dive deep into hidden shadows. You can fall into Depression, and Anxiety before you are completely whole and healed within yourself. 
Natural Herbs, Oils, Crystals and Incense has helped me Protect from Negativity, Heal and Raise my Vibration. I now want to help others through their journey and provide the best! 
I'm beyond blessed to be in Business with my Loving Mother Maria. Who has been a huge blessing in my life and through my Journey. We are both Strong, Independent Leo Women who want to help others Heal,Grow and find peace within themselves.
All product are made by our very own hands and with Love and Good Intentions 
Crystals and Stones have been Blessed and Charged just for you 🌕
You are not alone through your Journey
We are Here
Sending Love & Light 💛✨
Heal your Mind, Body and Soul with Katerina's Natural