Pure Goddess Facial Set

Pure Goddess Facial Set

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Use the Complete Pure Goddess Set to get Flawless Natural Glowing Skin High In Vitamins A, C, and E, Omega-6 and Omega 9

Skin Benefits:
Soothes Irritation and Itchiness
Soothes and Heals Burns
Fights Infections and Inflammation
Heals Wounds
Treats Acne
Promotes Healthy Tissue
Boost Collagen
Regenerate Skin Tissue
Smooths Appearance of Wrinkles
Reduce the appearance of Age Spots and Sun Spots
Reduces Under Eye Dark Circles
Fights Against Oily Skin
Hydrates Dry Skin
Soothes Atopic Dermatitis
Soothes Eczema, Rosacea, Psoriasis

How to Use:
1. Use Pure Goddess Facial Soap Morning and Night to cleanse away Dirt and Oils

2. Apply Pure Goddess Facial Toning Cream, Morning and Night
3. Apply Pure Goddess Facial Serum after on top of Toning Cream, Morning and Night
4. Use Pure Goddess Face Mask Twice a Week for best Result -Leave Mask on for about 15 Minutes, then rinse with warm water or wash off with a warm towel
5. Use Vanilla Coffee Facial Scrub Once or Twice a Week Do not use more than twice a week. It can cause irritation from exfoliating your natural skin cells too much. Using once of twice a week is enough to remove the dead skin cells, and unclog pores.

Set Comes with:
1 Pure Goddess Facial Soap
1 Pure Goddess Facial Toning Cream
1 Pure Goddess Facial Serum
1 Pure Goddess Face Mask
1  Coffee Face Scrub